Q: Do osteopaths only treat backs?
A: No, we treat all areas of the body. No injury occurs in isolation, so we also consider the dynamics of the body as a whole, even when the apparent problem is localized to one area.

Q:Does osteopathy hurt ?
A: Treatment is usually pain free, and the gentlest appropriate technique is always used. However there may be some transient aching (most usually after the first treatment) as the body settles into its rebalanced state.

Q:How long will I take to get better ?
A: This depends on the problem, and how long you have had it. Generally a recent onset acute condition will resolve more quickly than a longstanding problem. Your practitioner will discuss this with you.

Q: Can I do anything to help myself ?
A: Yes, recovery is often quicker if appropriate “home work” is carried out, such as exercises, hydrotherapy or lifestyle adjustments.

Q: What ages can benefit from treatment ?
A: All ages, my clients have ranged from “nought to ninety three”. Techniques are adapted to suit the age and vitality of the individual client.

Q:Do I need to get a Doctor's referral to see you ?
A: Some private health schemes may insist on this, but there is no need to see a GP first if you are covering your own fees. However, I may suggest you visit your GP if further investigation is needed.

Q: Is it safe to have treatment when pregnant ?
A: Yes, a full obstetric history will be taken and techniques are gently adapted to be safe and effective throughout pregnancy.

Q: Will I have to undress for treatment?
A: Usually you will have to change down to underwear. Alternatively loose vests and shorts can be worn. A screen changing area is provided.



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