Having been in receipt of Liz Pegg's sound advice and gentle manipulation and reflexology I can wholeheartedly recommend her treatments. Liz has a warm, rational approach and her experience of many years inspires confidence. I have definitely benefited from seeing Liz - my body feels more relaxed and 'at ease' and fatigue has decreased. Thank you.

Erika G. Brighton

Liz Pegg is back on the scene again with her healing hands. Even the most brilliant osteopaths in Brighton and Hove don't seem to be able to fix bodies as quickly as Liz does. We reckon she's a white witch in a white coat. Her cross training in reflexology, osteopathy and naturopathy means that she can choose the best way to work with your ails.

Unsolicited review “Juicy Guide to Brighton and Hove” by Gilly Smith.

Just a note to say a very big thank you for your 'magical massages'. Its just such a relief to get up in the morning free of pain, and stiffness.

Frances R. Brighton (age 86)

Liz has been my osteopath/ Naturopath for 7 years. I recommend her highly to all my family and friends. I go to her with a stiff neck, painful shoulders and an inflamed knee and come away feeling relaxed and untangled. I am always telling her that she has 'magic hands'. I see going to an osteopath as part of maintaining a healthy way of life.

Liz was fantastic after the birth of my baby girl. After a long hard labour I could hardly stand up. She helped me put my body back together again. I credit her with helping me not to suffer any low back pain now. My friends who didn't see an osteopath after the birth now get back problems. Liz is kind, healing, knowledgeable, and a fantastic osteopath.

Natalie N. Brighton

Over the years I have recommended Liz Pegg to many of my friends with back and joint problems, and they all agree that she is an intuitive and gifted practitioner. Her careful listening and holistic approach means she really gets to the root of the problem. At various times I've managed to injure my lower back, right knee and left hip and she's always been able to straighten me out.

Carol B. Brighton.

I wanted to send you a note to say thank you for all the help you gave me with my leg and back pain. I will certainly recommend you, and you would always be my first choice again.

Rebecca D. Brighton.

I have known Liz for over 20 years and in that time she has treated three generations of my family. We have all been enormously grateful to her for her treatment and advice. This has largely been for the usual strains and sprains which osteopaths treat but has also extended to treating more complex issues such as my (then) young son’s constant tripping up or my shingles symptoms.

I find Liz very friendly and easy to talk to. I like her approach which is holistic and down to earth, and she is happy to provide advice on diet or movement exercises to implement at home. Sessions with Liz are always enjoyable because she is a sympathetic listener and a good conversationalist with a ready sense of humour.

I can’t compare Liz’s approach with that of other osteopaths/naturopaths/reflexologists as I have not felt the need to seek advice from another.


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